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Learn more ABOUT HOW OUR RANGE OF keto PRODUCTS can help fat fuel your life


Our "Chew the Fat" energy bars

Essentially Keto's range of tasty 'fat bombs' are high in natural fats and low in carbohydrates with no added sugar. Choose from a variety of our cacao based bars that will sustain you for hours whilst you work or play.

Try a Ketogenic Energy Bar in the morning and afternoon and see how your body and performance transforms. 


Who we are

Essentially Keto has been founded by chef, Edit Whitelaw, to address the gap in the Australian market for delicious and convenient Keto products.  As a Ketonian in Melbourne, she has been scouring the streets for high fat, low carb snacks without success.  After many late night conversations with co-founder Cam Burns, they decided to start Essentially Keto to fill this gap in Melbourne's otherwise well stocked food scene.


our mission

TO CREATE A RANGE OF products that enhance the convenience and enjoyment of a fat fuelled life.